40NB Side Mount Multiport Valve filter & Softner

PP Pleated and glass fiber cartridges are designed for higher filtration area & high throughput. It has a 6 inch/152mm large diameter and is a coreless, single open-ended structure with an inside to outside flow pattern. Due to its large diameter with a big filter area, it requires lesser elements for a given flow rate than standard cartridges diameter, due to lesser elements Filter vessels’ size workout smaller, resulting in lower capital investment and installation costs, as well as reduced operating costs.


Procedure for filter:

Procedure for Softener:

valve 1.5” Filter and Softener Top Mount 1.5” filter and Softener Side Mount
Material Nylon Nylon
Media Fuel, Water Fuel, Water
Valve  connection  with  top  opening  vessel 65 mm (2 ½”) NPSM (8 tpi) or 100mm (4”)
Riser  pipe  size 32 mm PVC pipe
Max.  flow rate      (valve + strainers) 12 m3/h 12 m3/h
Working Pressure 0.15 – 0.6 MPa 0.15 – 0.6 MPa
Working Temperature 5 – 50 ˚C 5 – 50 ˚C
Inlet,  outlet,  drain connections 40 mm  BSPF quick release union straight 40mm  BSPF quick release union straight
Maximum  Operating   Pressure 4 to 6 Kg/cm2  for  GF 4 to 6 Kg/cm2  for  GF
Minimum  pressure for  uniform  suction 2.0 kg/cm2 2.0 kg/cm2
Ejector brine line ½”BSP ½” BSP

Note: Riser pipe length with bottom strainer attached should be 40 mm above vessel top.