We supply Moving Bed Bio Reactor/Fluidized Aerated Bed Reactor (FAB) media for swage & industrial waste water treatment. FAB system is an advanced high rate wastewater treatment process utilizing free-floating media which houses huge quantity of active Biomass (MLSS) in it. Essentially CAB system is a hybrid reactor where attached growth and suspended growth activity takes place




Model PP 13 PP 22
Effective Specific Surface Area Of Media 400 m2/m3 400 m2/m3
Color Black Black
Media Height 13 mm 22 mm
Media Diameter 22 mm 22 mm
Type of Media Fluidized Bio Media Fluidized Bio Media
MOC of Media Virgin PP UV Stabilized Virgin PP UV Stabilized
Structure Cylindrical With External Fins Cylindrical With External Fins
PSA/TSA Ratio (%) 75 75
Specific Weight (Kg/m2) Surface Area 0.37 0.37
Specific Gravity 0.90 – 0.95 gm / cm3 0.90 – 0.95 gm / cm3
MAX Continuous Operation Temperature 800°C 800°C
Void age > 98% > 98%
Density (gm/cc) 0.93 0.93
Media Fill Rate Range, % Fill of V 25 – 55 25 – 55
Sizes available 13 mm X 22 mm 22 mm X 22 mm
Raw Material Used Poly propylene Poly propylene